newspaper Categories :  Bar Staff France

location Location : FRANCE, Plagne Bellecote, La Plagne Tarentaise

start date Start Date : 13th December 18

salary The Salary : SMIC - French minimum wage

We are not just a bar or just a restaurant, we are both so we are able to offer our Customers the ability have a drink and order some food should you get the munchies. We also hold specialty nights throughout the season such as Curry Nights, Karaoke, Bingo, Fish and Chips and Quizzes (In French and English) along with English and French football, which is something the other bars in Bellecote do not do.

typical day A Typical Day in the Job

Most importantly set your alarm the night before so you can get up and hit first lifts! The bar doesn’t open until 16:00hrs during the week (except bad weather days) so there is no excuse not to go skiing for the day. If you are on the early shift, you need to be changed and in the bar at 15:30hrs ready to open the doors for our first customers at 16:00hrs. If on the late shift you might not start until 20:00hrs, so there is even time for some R & R.

Running the bar will involve all aspects of such a job to include opening, setting up, stock taking, float counting and the preparation of snacks/meals once the doors are open. It will also involve taking to all our Customers in both English and French.

ideal candidate Who are we looking for?

IMPORTANT : PLEASE DON'T APPLY IF YOU CAN'T SPEAK FRENCH OR ARE PLANNING TO LEARN, as we require our staff to already have a good understanding of the French language. We don’t expect you to be able to converse in politics or other heavy subjects, BUT we do expect you to be able to communicate with our Customers.
If you can’t speak any French or are planning to learn some before the season starts, unfortunately this is not good enough so applying for this position will be a waste of your time.
It would also be beneficial if you had some bar work and kitchen experience although full training will be given. For this position you will need you to have an EU passport or if not, a work permit for France.

our offer What we can offer you

The main benefits of this job are as follows ;
You will get plenty of time to ski because some days you won’t start until the evening and might get up to to two days off per week as you’re not coming to work for us as a career move are you? You’re coming to work hard but also to ski everyday.

You will have the opportunity to take your French to the next level as I re-iterate, we are not a typical Brit bar.

By working in the bar at night, you won’t be out blowing your wages but will have the chance to save money.

Will enjoy our staff reduced prices (not Seasonaire prices) on food and drinks.

Holiday Pay – YES we pay this at the end of your contract too.

Oh and I nearly forgot, great service results in great tips.