Powder White Ski Season Jobs

Working for Powder White in The French Alps

Powder White is an independent tour operator offering chalet, hotel and apartment holidays in some of the top resorts in the French, Swiss and Austrian Alps and beyond. Our chalets and hotels have been hand-picked for their own individual charm, comfort and style and all provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, combined with the warmth of a home with a high level of service. Both our Head Office and Resort teams have the knowledge and expertise to make our guests' holiday a memorable one for all the right reasons.

Why are Powder White so good to work for?

Our Resort teams play a hugely important role towards the success of our company and as such each successful applicant is specifically selected for their friendliness, experience, work ethic and professionalism and perhaps most importantly, for having a real understanding of genuine customer care. Each member of staff is given the opportunity to develop and grow as individuals, whilst simultaneously contributing to a fast growing business. Every individual is highly valued and provided with the best training and the highest standard of care and support. We focus on ensuring we reach the best fit we can across our Resorts, creating teams who will be committed to representing and being part of Powder White throughout the season. Our staff will experience a whole new side of life in the Alps and at times this won't be easy, but with a tailor-made team around them, we empower our staff to take take ownership of their Chalets and Resorts and create the home from home, yet slick and professional, environment that we want for all of our guests.

Resort Manager

Resort Manager

Primarily responsible for the management of your resort team (up to 25 members of staff), you are the primary link between guest and Powder White, ensuring they receive the product in its entirety, dealing with their every request and overseeing the smooth operational running of your resort.
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