Scandinavian Ski Jobs: Sweden, Finland, Norway

Scandinavia is an after-thought for most people in the ski industry, but there are plenty of opportunities to ski and to work in ski resorts in this overlooked part of the globe.

Resort names like Hemsedal, Trysil, Are and Yllas and Vemdalen may not be familiar to many, but between them they represent some superb ski areas across the Scandinavian countries of Finland, Sweden and Norway. From well equipped nursery slopes to serious off-piste heli-skiing, you can find it all in Scandinavia. We aren't talking the vast joined up mega pistes you get in France, but there is some great skiing available. Although this part of the skiing world has not grown at the same rate as the Alps, there are still several hundred resorts, and plenty of ski job opportunities for seasonal workers.

Although the Scandinavian ski season is technically similar to that of the Alps, also being in the northern hemisphere, there tends to be more snow later in the winter. Some of the more northerly resorts are within the Arctic Circle and keep their snow further into the year, allowing you to work for longer, earn more money, and take advantage of the longer days with even more time on the ski slopes.