Ski resort administration jobs

Right so you've found your way here and we have some great opportunities for you to apply for below. Ski Resort work is not all about Cooking and cleaning or hosting there are a lot of opportunities within the Administration functions within our companies. Whether you want to work on reception or in an office I know we will have the right Ski Jobs for you.

Apply now to any of our amazing opportunities and go enjoy the season. Applying on your phone or tablet? It couldn’t be easier simply follow the instructions when you apply.


Some people think that only Chefs or Hosts get jobs over on the slopes throughout the Ski season, not true! As everyone is aware administration is part of any big business and whether you are working as a receptionist or in an administration team your service while on your Ski Season Job is invaluable.

On a daily basis you could be working through accounts, making and receiving payments, arranging logistics of guests or making sure all of the booking paperwork is correct and filed in akin to company procedure. As a Ski Resort Receptionists you are one of the first points of contact for your guests so an upbeat personality is a must, although this is very true of all Ski Jobs.

Ski Resorts are an amazing place to be and with this type of role you are always guaranteed to be on the slopes for a good amount of time and also be in the mix with all members of staff around the Ski Resort.