Ski resort hospitality jobs

Something about the fresh air of the mountains makes for hungry and thirsty skiers and snowboarders! Hospitality jobs are plentiful - Whether it's at a mountain restaurant or at a restaurant or hotel back in the resort, skiers need to be fed after being out on the slopes

Working in a hospitality role in the mountains is a lively way to spend your ski season. Whether it's working in the kitchen, behind the bar or out front of house, your shifts can leave you plenty of time for hitting the slopes and socialising with your friends in your spare time. If you are working a hospitality job on the mountain, you have the added bonus of being able to ski to and from work – what a commute!


If you're passionate about the mountains, then a ski season is for you. If you've got strong social skills, are willing to work shifts, and have the ability to work as part of a team under pressure to provide excellent customer service, hospitality is for you. To really stand out from the crowd, it helps if you have, or can get, work experience of a hospitality role back in the UK before you embark on your winter season.

Bars, restaurants and hotels view being a native English speaker as an asset, and if you've got a bit of the local lingo, then that doesn't hurt your application at all. The greatest perk of working hospitality in a ski resort (aside from all the skiing and snowboarding) is that you get staff prices and discounts at your restaurant or hotel!